American Leading Edge Research Team (“ALERT”) always gives you an advantage for technical, clerical, scientific, financial and legal do it yourselfers. Not only do we guide you as to the governmental forms you need to use no matter what your project may be, we also provide you with the information if you “get stuck in the process. For instance, if you are attempting to take your small two-year-old company public but you cannot afford all the financial and legal specialist to accomplish the task, just call ALERT! 

Our experts will give you all the pluses and minuses to each route you might choose whether it be a triangulated reverse merger or going through the longer process of completing the many forms necessary to getting your company a ticker symbol and on the board of the stock exchange of your choosing. Whether it be the O.T.C. or Nasdaq or even the Toronto Stock Exchange we can walk you through the process.

Then again maybe you have a friend of a loved one serving a federal prison sentence because his attorney was ineffective and provided a poor defense for your friend or family member. Can’t afford an attorney? We will show you how to file a 2255 Motion or the 2244 or the 2241 that you must file in order for your family member to apply for sentence relief through the “Fair Sentencing Act” recently passed into law in December 2018. Our experts can provide you with the paperwork necessary and our Legal “Hot Line” can answer questions for you when you are stumped by the legal jargon and rules.

Maybe you have other needs dealing with agricultural grants, money for farming or United States Government money. We have the forms and we have the knowledge. We have helped individuals and companies to receive hundreds of thousand of dollars over our 20 years in business. We can help you as well. Our analyst and advisers can lead you to an oasis of government programs from which you and/or your business may benefit.

We have many other programs for which you have questions. We can provide the answers that Google cannot provide and we can research to find the answers that are detailed specifically to your question. Remember, always stay ALERT with American Leading Edge Research Team.